teach DEI at home

How to Explain Transgenderism to Kids Using Simple Words

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We're thankfully starting to see, however slowly, a shift toward an increasingly-diverse world. Many adults are shedding their biases and realizing that transgenderism is a natural part of life. But we won't be able to enjoy further, sustainable movement in the right direction until we can provide accurate information to the upcoming generation. This book addresses that need by teaching how to:

  • Discover what your child already knows about transgenderism
  • Explain the basics of transgenderism
  • Discuss transgender stereotypes together
  • Learn how to answer common questions from kids about transgender people
  • Cultivate respect for transgender people at home

Finally, achieving sustainable respect for transgender people is an ever-evolving subject with lots of twists and turns. It won't be possible to successfully steer your child through the maze without proper guidance. To help you find that guidance quickly, Modern Parent Guidebooks are intentionally written succinctly.

(Note: This guidebook is NOT about helping your child understand their own gender identity.)