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How to Teach Kids Respect for Immigrants

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American treatment of immigrant families is (rightfully) becoming a hotly-debated subject. The importance of talking to kids about treating immigrants fairly is undeniable. But do parents have all the information they need to guide kids in the right direction?

They do now. In step-by-step format, this parenting guidebook provides answers that complement initial conversations. Learn how to:

  • Explain U.S. immigration basics
  • Talk about your own family heritage
  • Answer common questions from kids about immigration
  • Discuss what happens when immigrants arrive in America
  • Explain the details of why, how, and when to be an immigrant's ally
  • Cultivate an immigrant-supportive environment at home

The best part? Instead of long-winded verbiage, Modern Parent Guidebooks are intentionally written succinctly to help parents find answers quickly.