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How to Tell Kids the True Story of Native Americans

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Inaccurate and often offensive representations of Native Americans are deeply rooted in the American consciousness. The truth is that hundreds of tribes were either forced from their native lands or massacred by European settlers. However, academic historians have painted that painful truth in a completely different light.

Kids are ready to hear the real story, but only if they're guided by informed parents. This book helps parents gently steer kids toward respect for the true Native American experience. Learn how to:

  • Discover what your child already knows about Native Americans
  • Explain the basics of Native American history truthfully (without triggering tears)
  • Define Native American stereotypes
  • Answer common questions from kids about Native Americans
  • Cultivate a respectful environment at home

Most important - to help parents find pertinent information quickly, all Modern Parent Guidebooks are intentionally written succinctly with practical step-by-step suggestions.