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How to Teach Kids to be Kind to Gay People

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As the LGBTQ lifestyle becomes an increasingly accepted part of our society, the need grows for DEI resources for parents who want to teach their kids to be kind to gay people. In step-by-step format, this guidebook offers practical ways you can help your child understand that members of the LGBTQ community deserve the same kindness and respect as everyone else. Learn how to:

  • Subtly learn your child's true opinion of LGBTQ equality
  • Respond appropriately to common LGBTQ questions
  • Explain when, why, and how to be an ally
  • Select family media that supports respect for the LGBTQ community
  • Create an LGBTQ-accepting environment at home
Finally, achieving sustainable LGBTQ equality is an ever-evolving subject with lots of twists and turns. It won't be possible to successfully steer your child through the maze without proper guidance. To streamline that process, Modern Parent Guidebooks are intentionally written succinctly.