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How to Talk to White Kids About Racism (without the guilt)

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Racial equality has (rightly) become a hotly-debated subject. If parents can raise an entire generation with a more accurate understanding of the importance of all races, we can really move the racial-justice needle in a lot of areas. 

But we can't move the needle by sugarcoating what we tell our kids; they need the truth. That said, this book is not about teaching kids to see the world as whites vs. everyone else. It has nothing to do with creating a division between white kids and non-white kids, or making white kids feel badly about their own lives. 

Instead, the goal is to teach all kids about basic fairness by cultivating a supportive home environment where everyone has a chance to succeed. We understand that this lesson goes both ways. All children need to learn about fairness, not just white kids.

This thoroughly-researched guidebook offers the most current race-conscious parenting advice. Learn about:

  • Practicing race-conscious vs. color-blind parenting
  • Explaining racial physical differences
  • Discussing racial stereotypes and bias
  • Teaching when, why, and how to be an ally
  • Creating an anti-racist environment at home 

The best part? Economy of words. Instead of long-winded theoretical verbiage, Modern Parent Guidebooks strive to help parents find pertinent step-by-step instructions (with examples!) quickly.

Please note: Many of the examples used in this book allude to African-Americans, but the same principles can be applied to all races.