Mission. We believe that by helping parents guide the next generation toward fairness, we can contribute to a better world.

Approach. Our guidebooks are purposely concise to help parents find what they need quickly. Instead of drawn-out theoretical verbiage, you'll find succinct, step-by-step parenting tips for navigating modern issues.

Age Group. We write our guidebooks with parents of elementary-school kids in mind. That said, we're aware that there are different maturity levels at every age and parents know best what is and isn't appropriate for their own child

Format. Our guidebooks are available in digital format only (ePub and PDF). We chose to do this because ebooks enable the affordability, portability, interactive features, and low environmental impact that our brand supports.

Sample. Read our most popular title for free - our treat. How to Teach Girls Gender-Equality Confidence

Author. Trish Allison writes our guidebooks. Trish was a technical writer for 25 years enabling her to distill large amounts of disparate information into small chunks of accessible step-by-step content. She's also a mom to two (enlightened) grown children, a lifelong learner/researcher of all things 'parenting,' and a fervent liberal. She combined those life experiences into writing new (and shorter) parenting books. 

Collaborate. Please contact us if you have a modern parenting topic you want to suggest for one of our future titles. We fully support a collaborative approach to our mission.